Update - 7/14/13

Honeybee went to her first show today!

Well…she went to spectate.

We took her to the English show just for fun…she charmed the treats right out of everyone’s pockets. My little girl. C;

Anonymous: Hello! I got recomended to you from otteventer about my mini horse problem. He is fiesty and loves to bite and Im trying to save him from being put down. Any advice?

Can you message me non-anonymous so I’m not broadcasting this to everyone? I’d love to try and help but I’d prefer to keep it private.

Honeybee’s original name was Opal.

I’m not really a big fan of that name and it totally didn’t fit, so you can tell why I changed it.

She’s the emodiment of a Honeybee.

Sweet with sting.

insanity-in-the-middle: Opal was Bee's name!

Yay! Winner! :D Good job for searching. C; Promo is coming up!

Who remembers what Honeybee’s original name was?

You can find it somewhere on this blog…

When we picked her and her dam up at the pony dealer, her mom’s name was Pearl and her name was [_ _ _ _]. I changed it because I didn’t like that name.

Be the first to message me the correct name and you’ll get a screenshot promo and a link on her blog!